I have been trying really hard to write a new blog post these past few days, but I’ve figured out very fast that with this parenting thing, sometimes shit just gets in the way. Literally.
Yes, I’m talking about poo. Now you may be thinking, “Oh wow she is actually going to write about poo,” but come on. This is a blog about being a first time parent. Of course I was going to write about it at some point. So I am just going to get it out of the way.
Now for me, farts are funny. Baby farts are absolutely hilarious. I think it’s because they are so oblivious to the fact that farts are funny, that makes it so amusing. Poo on the other hand is gross. But baby poo, that’s still funny. However, along with everything else in this new parenting gig, poo can also be worrying.
Harvey was always consistent with his dirty nappies and would always soil a couple every day. Then suddenly, when he was about 2 months old, he didn’t do a poo one day. I was slightly concerned. Then the next day came and he didn’t do one that day either. I started freaking out. I thought there was something seriously wrong and spent every spare minute on Dr Google trying to figure out what it was. Day three passed and nothing. On day four, as I picked Harvey up, a familiar smell wafted through the air. Finally! I was so relieved. I undid his nappy and WHAT THE ACTUAL F*@! There was sooooooo much shit. But, as I found out soon later, it was completely normal and breastfed babies can take up to 10 days to poo.
These last three weeks, Harvey has been having formula and that poo transition has been another experience in itself (oh the smell)! Still funny though. But I’ve gotten used to the change and its been pretty cruisy in the nappy department ever since.
Until 3 days ago.
I thought the side effects of his immunisations were over. Oh how I was wrong. Wednesday I had the scare at night. Thursday he still had a slight temp in the morning but was fine by midday. Thursday evening was the calm before the storm. Since Friday he has been a non-stop shitting machine. No, squirting machine. I was warned about this when he had his needles, but I thought “no that won’t happen to us!” He gets that face (you know what I’m taking about) and then the vibrations follow along with what sounds like a volcanic eruption. It won’t stop. Please make it stop. Fricken diarrhea . It’s been everywhere and it’s been all hours of the day and night. It doesn’t seem to phase Harvey though, he just lies there on the changing table laughing and having a great old time.
I’ve managed to survive because it is so bloody funny.
Something positive has come out of this experience though. We had our friends and family write on nappies at our baby shower and now I get to read about 12 a day! It’s very entertaining and I’m loving the messages of support. Thanks guys.
And in case you were wondering, the consistency is slowly starting to get a little less runny, so hopefully this will only last another day or so.

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