Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!!. My name is Michelle, aka The Perfectly Imperfect Mummy. I am Mum to two sets of twins, 7 year old Girl/Boy twins & 3 year old fraternal twin girls who I may or may not refer to as the ‘threenagers’ or one in particular is my ‘demon baby’. As much as they drive me around the bend, which is more often than not, I love them dearly & couldn’t imagine my life without them.

In my spare time I enjoy sleeping, going to the toilet alone & occasionally indulging in a Moscato or 6 & last but not least, writing my blog.

I really hope that you enjoy reading it & my personality translates correctly. I am very down to earth, kind & do I identify with the Bad Mum Brigade?, the answer to that is a bit fat HELL YES!!. I love these women, they have been my saviours when I thought I was the only one who felt certain ways about my kids (like wanting to send them to boarding school) but these lovely ladies have been here to reassure me that I am normal & pick me up when I’m down. There is so much pressure from society to be a certain kind of Mum & to look after our babies a particular way yet they can’t work out why rates of PND are soaring. It takes a village to raise a child, not just one solitary new Mum who is shit scared, anxiety ridden, hormonal, hating herself because breast feeding isn’t working out for her, she has battle scars from her recent birth that she is still trying to recover from & she is beyond exhausted. As women we need to prop each other up, breast feeding isn’t working??, good on you for trying, you did well but it didn’t work and at the end of the day ‘Fed is Best’ & other positive comments are what we should be saying to each other. I always aim to be authentic and honest in my writing and if I can help just one person through a bad day by telling one of my stories then I feel like I’ve done my job because I love helping people.

My beloved mum Marie or Nanny as she was known to the kids, passed away in September 2017 and not only was she my mum but she was my best friend. Her death has really sent my whole world crashing down and I miss her so much. Come along with me whilst I document my unique experiences of raising four kids (2 sets of twins) whilst grieving for my beautiful mum and rebuilding my village & hopefully there will be things you can relate to along the way.

Much Love

Michelle xx