Hello again for the second time this evening!!. I was so excited that I had to tell you all straight away that I have been asked to be an Admin on a new blogging website. I was so honoured and very humbled by the invitation. I love to help people and love making connections with people so this is a perfect activity for me and I’m so excited to connect with many talented bloggers.ASELFGURU – BIZ BLOG COMMUNITY is the name of the group.You can find us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/1025604634264639

Bloggers of all niches are most welcome to join. Our aim is to create a friendly, helpful & cohesive community and a group that belongs to everyone and isn’t governed by 101 rules. Please visit our Facebook page and request to join the group, someone usually responds pretty quickly. We want the group to be relaxed enough for people to feel comfortable asking questions and opinions of others and we will have themed days for different social media platforms. On the weekends you get the chance to self-promote any affiliate links, e-books, services etc. It goes without saying that we are all courteous and respectful to one another. Overall everyone is really positive and friendly and this is the atmosphere that we are trying to create 🙂

The creator of this group is the lovely Amira, you can find her at ASelfGuru.com By day she is a full time lawyer and she is also a blogger, model and entrepreneur. She is one busy lady!! 🙂

As bloggers, we rely upon groups in social media, our readers and other bloggers to help us get our content out there and get recognised. It can be really difficult at times. Especially for those bloggers who are trying to monetize their blog or rely on the income they receive from affiliate sales. Personally, I am not in this situation. I am blogging because I love it and it’s a such a great outlet for whinging about my children and having other mum’s come back to me and just get it. That means the absolute world to me. It’s not just me who struggles with motherhood. It can be very isolating being home alone with children all the time. It has also been a great outlet for me to process the grief I’m suffering from losing my beloved mum. I’m still adjusting to life without her and writing and connecting with others, has been so therapeutic for me.

I have listed my Scrabble Frames for sale but that is something I am doing for myself and something that I also find therapeutic and love doing and creating 😊. The details of what I am offering is on my website.

Thanks again to everyone for your support, you’re all bloody amazing. I’m working on a new piece called Smothered Mother but I doubt it will be ready this week, but definitely next week.

Much Love

Michelle xx