So I’m all ready to rock, I have had my computer upgraded, so it doesn’t run so slow and a super dooper antivirus installed so no nasties get in and steal my work. After the time and expense of having all this done, I won’t let any of my children near my laptop. The older two have an iPad each & Darling number 1 loved hers & used it for all the things I would have hoped. Reading Eggs, Mathletics, Sunshine online & lots of puzzles & educational stuff. I’m impressed. However, this child is the most careless & clumsy child & after telling her at least 5000 times to keep her cover on to protect it, she has managed to drop it that many times on the hard tiled floor that it is no longer working. VERY Disappointed.


Darling number two didn’t have a trace of reading eggs, Mathletics or the like on his iPad, it was filled with car racing, ninja turtles games etc. & I had parental controls so he couldn’t watch You Tube or anything similar and all the weird games that pop up so when he asked me if he could use my laptop to play Math Games, I was initially reserved, use your iPad I told him but you could only access this on a PC or laptop so I was quite impressed at his motivation to do unassigned homework and was happy to accommodate his request and help in any way I can. To be honest, I couldn’t justify the money I had spent on my laptop so what better way to justify it than use it to turn my son into a child prodigy? Money well spent. Of course I answered, this child isn’t overly motivated in the academic department, so for him to seek me out and ask was definitely a good thing. Especially because he was choosing to play math games over lounging in front of the TV, annoying his sisters (which he is exceptionally talented at) or just making a general mess around the house which is another strength of his.


My husband doesn’t like the kids going anywhere near our Laptops since they have smashed their iPad screens with little regard and smashed mine too for that matter. Darling 2 and his friend got on DH’s iPad one night and had that many attempts at logging in with the wrong PIN that he was locked out it for six weeks!!. DH was absolutely furious, I’m sure that he could have got back into it sooner had he contacted Apple but it was easier just to get angry about not being able to use it. So with all this in the back of my mind, I got out my nifty quick PC with the monster antivirus, the charging cord and extension lead (in case he wanted to play for so long that the battery went flat), got him all set up and comfortable at the table with a glass of water (which I’m sure he will spill everywhere, most likely on my computer) and a snack and we were ready to go. He instructed me which website to go to and we found it without any difficulty and didn’t have to sign up for any free trials or anything. Once we got to the website, he was insistent that he knew what to do so I left him to his own devices and continued with my mountain of washing, picking up everyone else’s crap around the house, vacuming, unloading and reloading the dishwasher, cleaning the toilets, chasing after the three-year old twins and meeting all their demands, and believe me there are many, and all those other fun things I get to do on a daily basis. Usually when this child plays anything on the computer or on my phone, he is at me literally every 2 seconds ‘Mum how do I do this’, “Mum how do I pass this level’, “mum why do I keep going out’ Mum Mum Mum Mum.


None of the above occurred so that made me very happy, these are games he is playing at school so they are obviously educational and he must be learning a lot from them and he is obviously good at them if not bellowing out for my assistance every 5 seconds. Double bonus points. So I let him go whilst I continue doing what I’m doing.


In my never ending quest to ensure that I fill up my kids emotional cups (I can never seem to get them all full at the one time) I decided to sit down with my son and ooh and aah over how good he is at this game and engage with him and give him praise (I love the opportunity to spend one on one time with him). I really relished this opportunity as it doesn’t happen often & actually makes me feel like I might be doing something right in the parenting department & I was hopeful we had found a special activity that Darling Number 2 & I could enjoy together. I sat down beside him and he was really excited and was like ‘hey mum, look at this, I’ve got through to the 9th level’ to which I reply ‘that’s fantastic darling, well done’ What did you have to do to make it that far, I then look at the screen whilst he excitedly tries to get through to the next level and see that he is playing a motorbike game, a motorbike game on math games, really??. Does this game require any math to be used to make it past obstacles or to get to the next level,??, it does not. It requires the player to use the arrow keys to navigate the motor bike through certain obstacles until they can reach the next level.

What a crock. I’ve been had.

I thought my child was turning over a new leaf, in my little daydream I had fashioned him as a future Mathematical academic but my bubble quickly burst, in actual fact he just conned me into letting him use my computer which he knows in no uncertain terms he is not allowed to do, to play motorbike games which do not require any mathematical skill whatsoever. My three-year olds could play this game with little assistance, not as well as their big brother by any means but you see where I’m going with this.

Well played son, well played. 

Darling 2: 1 Mum: 0

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  1. Yes…. seen kids on what I suspect is the same website at the school I work at. I have no idea why it is called “math games”
    More like free time on the computer!

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