The aftermath of Mothers Day has not been good in our household. Mothers Day itself was lovely, people who are close to me know I’m pretty fragile at the moment with it being my first Mother’s Day without my mum & I received the loveliest messages from people & my family went out of their way to make sure I had a great day, apart from a few minor mishaps which were to be expected. Darling 4 smashed my new ‘One In A Million Mum’ mass produced Kmart ‘coffee’ but really moscato mug & there were a lot of tears when I wouldn’t let anyone eat breakfast from my Darrell Lea goodie bag but other than that we had a good morning.


My Aunty had offered to mind the kids so hubby could take me out & we went & saw the new Melissa McCarthy movie. It was so fucking funny it made me thankful that I’d had C-sections & my pelvic floor muscles have remained intact. It was bliss to sit in the dark for 2 hours with no one sitting on me, demanding anything from me & to be sharing space with other adults. One of the things I love about my husband is that he will attend a chick flick without question because he knows how much I love them & to top it all off we then went to Kmart afterwards. What can I say, it was a wonderful afternoon spent doing the things I love most. I even got to go to the toilet alone!!!!


Mothers Day night was pretty non eventful  with getting home, feeding kids (ringing for pizza) making sure school uniforms are ready for the next day & all that other usual stuff but I no complain, I had a really fantastic day & really enjoyed myself. 


The next morning I was awoken in the early dark hours between night & morning barely able to breath. My throat was so sore I could barely swallow & my head was pounding like a mother fucker. After examining my throat using the flashlight on my phone I was greeted with Tonsillitis. Pockets of puss on my tonsils & a very red & inflamed swollen sore throat. Awesome. I felt so sick but forced myself to get up & make the kids school lunches, get the younger two their morning milk, their special blankets, make sure Disney Junior was playing for them, ensure they had their dummy colour of choice & just meet all of their demands which come very frequently. After I had done all this I just collapsed on the couch & slept on & off between the 3 year olds yelling out for stuff. This was the universe punishing me for daring to take an afternoon off motherhood & enjoy myself so much. How dare I attempt to do something nice for myself when I am a mother to four kids. I spent as much time resting as I could (which wasn’t much) taking nurofen & gargling with warm salt water but I still felt shit. It’s amazing the self pity you feel when you feel so unwell & you know that no one gives a shit. My grief from getting through my first Mother’s Day hit me with both barrels & upon looking at the calendar I realised it was 9 months since my mum had passed & that just made it 100 times worse. I just felt so sad & alone. Coupled with another night of musical beds, both of the younger twins wanting to sleep with me (because eating my food off my plate, watching me shower & wiping my bum for me doesn’t seem to be enough) I changed beds twice, was woken at 3am to go on a hunt for a specific dummy, which was eventually found & woke up feeling very unwell again. My daughter Grace started squealing for a bubble bath within minutes of finishing her milk so I ran her one but it wasn’t to her liking & she refused to get in. So I did instead. I’ve already issued a May Day text to my husband that my threshold has been reached & exceeded for the day (at 8.35am) and I’m feeling even more unwell than I was yesterday. Never mind though, tomorrow is a brand new day & what makes it so good is that it is a childcare day!! Yay!!!. I savour every second of childcare days & often catch up on sleep (I know I could never come close to repaying my sleep debt) enjoy being in my own company & the simple pleasures of watching what I want on the tv, eating what I want & when I want & not having my meal ripped out of my hands, taking a shower alone & last but not least going to the toilet alone. I am going to do some meditation & attempt to balance my chakras & fill up my emotional cup. I learned many years ago ladies that you cannot give from an empty cup, you can try but the result is ending up an overwhelmed & overly emotional Mum who simply has nothing to give, I am a prime example of this at the moment, regardless though that doesn’t stop the demands. This is why we need to take time out for ourselves & make sure we are okay so we can be okay for these little darlings who are always watching & learning from us & haven’t yet learned to regulate their emotions. 


I promise my next post will be filled with rainbows & kittens & I will not take part in any self indulgent whinging.


Until next time………

Much love

Michelle xx

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15 Comments on The Aftermath Of Mothers Day

  1. Dearest Michelle… I woke this morning to see your Aftermath Of Mothers Day Post tapping patiently at my screen..

    I saw your message early thos morning but though ehhh ehatever … I will read it later… as My Mothers Day Aftermath was leaving me to feel like a scouring pad tgat had lock its ability to scrub dishes… use for a dponge yes in deed… but the dushes are still bloody greezy snd in need of another plunge in hot soapy water (needy bloody buggers).

    I always feel guilty after Mothers Day.. but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I feel unappreciated by those around me.. but the dishes dudes really… why cant someone take the initiative and see its a chore that I hate also..

    So I opened your email and immediately I was like wow we dhould be in pj’s cheeing on chocolate… daring our kids and hubby’s to ask for one more thing or even think about popping their heads into our environments… nerf guns load doyble dare you warnings a must….

    I dont think that I get tge celebration of Mother’s Day… like hell the washing is still waiting, noone knows how to stop their hunger monsters from giving them the dread “Im Starving… I’m Gonna Die” and let us not even talk about the homework war that could have been conquered the day before ( for me 3 assessments that were 2 weeks late… due first thing Monday morning… come on mum helpus out !!!)…

    so how was this a Mother’s Day weekend I sit here in my pj’s not really giving a shit to move… I was reading your email… snd you have recharged my battery… my kids will be great full to for when they do get home I may just want to save tgem from their starving zombie apocalypses…

    I can say this though… I am ever so glad that I dont have the unluxurious midnight bed crawls to contend with… never understood why our own self built army’s have to be so hard to please and highly unreasonable at the most ungodly hours of the night…

    I May be the Mum of a pre teen (12) a 17 year old and a near 21 year old… but take it from me… the 3 year old slimmy slap in the face bed hogger has nothing on the pre teen who has no abilities in self created dungeon of mess…

    Motherhood is wondeful hey…

    Next year the Calendar will be missing Mothers Day…. I will colour it square in and call it the more defined slave day..

    So I have the chocolates… and the nerf guns at a ready… ( my teen kids would see them as a fun warefare game and just shoot each other instead)….

    So Michelle… Happy Aftermath Day… I am so happy to have read your “Mother’s Day Aftermath Blog Post” … shit!! Do I feel normal now.

    Thankyou for your morning humour… I appreciate your come on your still alive inspiration & motivations.

    • Tanya, you are awesome!!. Don’t tell me it gets worse as they get older??!!. I’m definitely leaving home then. Thanks for your amazing & supportive message. You have brightened my very shitty morning!!!

      • Oh sweet heart… the good outways the bad trust me…

        My 21 year old said to say that missery likes company… so I am glad tgat we could inspire each others Mother’s Day Aftermath candid thoughts.

        • Ps again no spell check…

          I will go back to editing mode… or my bog posts that I am writing on will mske no sense

          (Blog not 100% up will be hopefully soon

          • Nerf Guns Are Ready… would should do just so we can post again in thr morning..

            I eill let you know the minute i sm up… there is a preliminary page up but its undrr construction snd no links are working.. is just a test page.. uou can add me on Facebook under

            Many thanks for you dupport of my slowly happening blog

  2. Fantastic read, such hard work having twins. Thanks for keeping it real. Motherhood is so challenging sometimes

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks very much. It can be bloody hard work but truth be told I wouldn’t have it any other way!! 🙂

  3. Wow. I am exhausted for you after reading this! Firstly, haha to the c-section thing. I now want to go to the movies, but don’t think it’s possible. Sorry you are feeling so under the weather.. I hope you are feeling better soon! Make sure you look after yourself (as hard as that is)!! Xx

    • When your little man is older you’ll be able to go to the movies again. Thanks for your well wishes, it’s a childcare day tomorrow so I’ve just gotta make it through the day & night!! 🙂

  4. Such a brilliantly funny and honest post. There is nothing worse than being sick when you are trying to be a parent. Especially to four children.
    But geez, it’s next level invasion of privacy when one of the girls wants to wipe your bum at the toilet!
    Your Mum would be so proud of how you are managing at the moment and over the past 9 months.
    I really look forward to your posts. Its just a few minutes in my day when I switch off from all the other shit and just get lost in your humour and emotions.
    Keep them coming!

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