Whenever you think of your happy place do you envision your nice cosy bed with fresh Egyptian cotton sheets, no children lying on your head & no alarm telling you it’s time to get up?, or watching the sunset over the ocean on a warm balmy evening?, or even spending an afternoon at your local day spa enjoying a massage & a facial?. All of these choices sound like heaven to me, but if Im to be perfectly honest with myself, my happy place is Kmart. I absolutely love it. Where else can you shop on a budget, whilst wearing your most comfy pair of trackies & thongs or moccasins (depending on the season). Where else can you decorate your home tastefully, buy nice clothes, books, DVDs & the options for gifts is endless. I am obsessed with giving hampers as gifts & Kmart is my one stop shop. From the kids stationery packs, arts & crafts, diaries, slippers, photo frames, chocolate, make up & the list goes on. It was at Kmart where my love of Mason Jars was born & quickly grew to include milk bottles & cork top glass containers & pretty much any kind of cute glass jar. I’ve been known to give many a gift in a mason jar. A Pedi In A Jar: all items purchased from Kmart. Craft In A Jar which is a Mason Jar filled with Arts & Crafts items, Mason Jar decorated with a cute gift tag & filled with chocolates.

I love wandering around checking out what other people have in their trolleys. I’m a member of all the Kmart Hacks & Kmart Mums pages on Facebook so after I’ve scanned the prospective purchases in someone’s trolley, I’ll then try & work out if they are trying one of the latest hacks that’s appeared on the pages or if they are indeed a member of these pages. I bet they are. If you are creative, the possibilities are endless as to what you can hack. I especially love the laundry hacks with the drink dispensers holding the washing powder & other paraphernalia , who cares if the powder gets jammed mid pour, the laundry looks fricken awesome. Just lift the lid & scoop it out the top. I also love the coffee stations that people are doing with the white shelves, canisters & bright mugs, they look amazing. My all time favourite styling ‘hack’ at the moment is matching cushions to fake flowers in vases for lounge rooms & bedrooms. Now that takes time & dedication. The majority of them look amazing, you do get a few doozies here & there  but everyone is so lovely with their feedback & constructive criticism. Everyone always makes such lovely positive comments regardless of if it’s a plus sized girl trying on bathers or someone styling their front hall table. You can tell the people who have done this well have taken their time & done their research. I went to Kmart today & there were two ladies studying the fake flowers & comparing them against cushions. They were laughing & having a ball. I felt so happy for them. So much fun to be had at Kmart. Before my husband & I got married & had kids we used to spend most Saturday nights at Kmart. We used to look at all the homewares & Manchester & style rooms in our heads. Now that the four darlings have come along, another great thing is that you can take your kids & no one gives a shit when one of your three year olds starts screaming her guts out or a 7 year old starts singing at the top of (his) lungs with the sole intention of pissing me off. Everyone just turns a blind eye.

Today’s trip to Kmart was all about cheap clothes for child care for the 3 year olds & it soon got out of hand & became about shoes & clothes for the older two & Mother’s Day for me. I picked out a beautiful plush robe, a pair of pjs, my (favourite) daughter (I don’t have favourites!!!) picked me a coffee mug telling me I’m the best mum in the world & I picked out some DVD’s, one being Pitch Perfect 3. Im not allowed to have my dressing gown or pjs until next Sunday but I am being given permission to watch Pitch Perfect 3 tonight whilst drinking moscato out of my new coffee mug. What better way to top off an already awesome day!!!. 


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